About Us

At Layfield, we know that you want to increase your marketshare and exceed your
revenue expectations each year. In order to do that, you need to grow your brand with packaging that helps you
stand out from your competition. Like most brand owners, you’re probably frustrated because competition is high and
there are forces at work trying to commoditize your product.

We believe your packaging should reflect the high quality and excellent work that
your brand represents. We understand the pressure you face from investors who demand a new look with a
successful launch. That’s why we have partnered with brand owners from all around
the world to provide the results they need.

Here’s the three phases we take you thought when to ensure your packaging helps
you hit your goals:

1. We do a Needs/Analysis test. This is where we meet and discuss your company
goals and how to achieve them.

2. The plan comes together. We get your artwork, format, pre-press, and other
features all put together in preparation for what’s coming.

3. The Successful Launch of Your Product. Conduct a trial, ramp-up, and production
so that your customers rave about your new look.

Take the first step and schedule a call with us.


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