Quality Control

At Layfield we have an uncompromised commitment to providing you with the highest quality products. All of our products are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure there are  no physical, chemical or biological defects. We have worked hard to achieve multiple certifications, and continue to attain progressively higher certifications, in order to ensure the products we supply meet your strict expectations. These certifications help promote Layfield as an eco-friendly and technologically advanced company, but ultimately we are striving towards these certifications for the benefit of our customers.

Our standards seek to benefit you in the following five ways:

Minimize harmful effects and waste on the environment: You can take our solutions to the market and advertise their eco-friendly benefits.

Continually improving our product quality and safety conditions: You will always have access to the best products that meet your functional needs and quality expectations.

Systematically track your quality and regulatory requirements: We track and document production specifications from the very first step to the end to ensure traceability.

Traceability of packaging products: Your packaging will always be on file at each step of the manufacturing process, which provides you with confidence and extra assurance in the case of a food safety recall.

Strict compliance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Regulations – Never worry about the safety of your food or medical products.

Our concentration on product quality and safe operations management underpins our commitment to health, safety and the environment. This ensures our clients receive the best, most efficiently produced products, completely free of defects or imperfections.

Ultimately, we operate our business based on three principles. 

There is no room for error.

There is no room for quality issues.

There is no place for unsafe products.

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