Spout Pouch

The new creative packaging solution that ensures a safe, convenient and fun pouch design. The spout pouch format is gaining popularity in beverages, sauces, soups, gels, fruit purees and other liquid packaging because of the added functionality of the spout and the increasing demand for sustainability and cost reduction. With flexible packaging, there are no compromise to quality as the packaging decoration can be made into custom shapes, printed in high definition and fitted with unique spouts and closures.

Shrink Bundling

We manufacture shrink films for unitizing, most commonly for trays of cans or bottles reducing corrugated usage.  Layfield's ShrinkFlex™ shrink film helps you increase sales and reduce costs. You can lower costs when compared to other labelling and printing methods but get amazing branding exposure with our high definition printing capabilities.  With shrink bundling film, you can easily create multipacks to sell more than one product at a time.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves are a flexible plastic label that offers 360 degree coverage and works perfectly for irregular shaped containers. Rather than being mounted with adhesive, shrink sleeves are slid onto the container (either manually or automatically) and sent through a heat tunnel. The heat causes the film to constrict, allowing it to form a tight seal around the container.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeves:

  • Premium design quality of full-colour shrink sleeve labels adds value to your product.
  • Allow for easy labeling of complex shaped containers and products.
  • Easier, and cheaper, to produce than custom printed rigid containers, but offer many of the same benefits.
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