Sports Nutrition

Layfield Flexible Packaging offers a complete sports nutrition line of packaging products. By switching from rigid containers, you can save money and use less materials which is better for everyone and the environment.

Companies are switching from rigid to flexible packaging for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight, less material and cost effective
  • Easy Printed Design
    • Design printed and lamination directly on the pouch
    • No labels or shrink sleeves required
  • Customizable Barrier Properties
    • Choose from a variety of moisture and aroma barriers and optimize product freshness
  • Unique Package Formats and dispensers
    • Can be made into almost any shape
    • Advanced dispensing and screw tops
    • Laser score and resealble labels
    • Tear tabs and rack holes

Layfield also provides attractive shrink sleeve labels for rigid containers that offers additional barriers against oxygen and light and larger printing surface when compared to a traditional sticker label.

Shrink sleeves are a flexible plastic label that offers 360 degree coverage and works perfectly for irregular shaped containers. Rather than being mounted with adhesive, shrink sleeves are slid onto the container (either manually or automatically) and sent through a heat tunnel. The heat causes the film to constrict, allowing it to form a tight seal around the container.

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