Pallet Packaging

For years Layfield has been regarded among the best in the industry when it comes to shrink and stretch film production. Our unique resin blends allow our film to form snugly around the dimensions of the pallet without stretching or deforming. This limits movement and protects the contents from dirt, water and other contamination. Stretch hooder films are ideally suited to applications where pallet loads require five-sided protection, encounter stress during transport or where products are sensitive to heat.

Available Packaging Formats:

  • Stretch Hood
  • Shrink Wrap:
  • Pallet Top Sheet
  • Pallet Bags

Available Features:

  • Color printed on both sides
  • Color tinted
  • Solid color
  • Anti-static
  • UV coating
  • Anti-fog
  • TruGrit (textured non-slip finish)


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