Safety Blast Hole Liners

Safety Blast Hole Liners

Contain expensive explosives and secure your blasting with 100% confidence using SafetyBlast™.

Layfield’s SafetyBlast™ hole liners protect explosives during blasting by preventing chemical/material loss, and keeping water out. Our blast hole liners are perfectly engineered with premium polyethylene resins and additives. 

At Layfield, we know that blasting a hole successfully is about maintaining good productivity safely on the field. In order to do that, you need to be confident that things are working without having to think about them. Like most blasting supervisors and material managers, you’re probably frustrated because when something goes wrong with your blast hole liner, it results in wasted time and money. We believe that when you have the right blast hole liner, it’s one less thing you have to think about. Our safe, dependable liner resists against punctures, prohibits ground water contamination, fits exactly as you need them, and installs quickly and easily.

SafetyBlast™ is our premium blend of polyethylene that we have perfected for blasting holes. We’ve been partnering with mining companies for over 20 years, doing our part so you never have to worry about your blast hole liner.

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  • Saves money - minimizes use of explosives and prevents ground water contamination.

  • Extra leak protection - heavy duty, single-wall liners with double-bottom explosive seal in any liner size.

  • Easy installation - the ballast pocket is available in square or v-shaped configurations, conveniently packaged in boxes or bulk.

  • ​Safe handling - anti-static properties inhibit static build up.


  • Excellent-grade, high-quality virgin polyethylene and additives

  • Engineered blend for optimal strength, tear and puncture resistance

  • Designed for high performance in demanding environments

  • Produced under rigorous quality and safety management programs certified by ISO 9001 and HACCP PACsecure

If you want to partner with Layfield, here’s our process for creating satisfied blasting supervisors:

  • Schedule a meeting with us to provide specifics about your blasting needs.

  • You’ll get estimates and samples. Receive a competitive quote, and we can adjust your order as needed.

  • Minimize your blasting explosives use and contained. Once you’ve installed SafetyBlast™ liners, you should never have to worry about film failure due to tears and punctures.

Imagine how great it would be if you could never have to worry about your blast liner ever again. Don’t waste your time and money because of using excess explosive materials and ground water contamination.

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