Stretch Hood Film

Layfield is a pioneer in the North American stretch hood film market and we have a new innovative film structure for stretch hood film. We know that when you have the right stretch hood film for your operation, the film won’t tear, puncture or leak and the pallet arrives at its destination just as it was shipped.

Stretch Tech Advantages 
  • Excellent gauge tolerance and package integrity
  • Balanced, five-sided protection
  • Strong holding force to secure heavy loads
  • Excellent tear, dart and puncture resistance
  • Protection against water, moisture, UV rays
Technologies Available:
  • NEW!Edge Guard—thicker corner and edges
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-fog
  • UV stability
  • Solid color or opaque
  • Clear or tinted
  • Sustainable


Revolutionary Edge Guard 

The four corners are significantly thicker allowing for toughness in the area where you need the most performance against puncture and wear from the draw down rollers. This saves you money where you don’t need the extra thick film on the side panels.

Sustainable End of Life Packaging – BioFlex™

All of Layfield’s Stretch Hood Films are 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, the reality of recyclable packaging like stretch hood film is that the vast majority of eligible recyclable packaging still ends up in the waste stream headed to the local landfill.  Layfield can provide you with a BioFlex™ packaging option that provides an early end of life to the stretch hood film when discarded in a modern landfill.  BioFlex™ turns the film into biogas which is collected at most landfills and turned back into energy.  Enhance your corporate image with BioFlex™ Stretch Hood Film.  



  •  Roofing panels
  • Appliances
  •  Tiles
  • Construction materials
  • Beverages
  • Paper Products
  • Bricks
  • Furniture

  •  Resin
  • Concrete cement
  • Pellet fuel
  • Pet food
  • Cat litter
  • Horticulture
  • Soil
  • And more!


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