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Health care workers deserve to know that while they protect our communities, we’ve got them covered too. The Layfield company mission is to protect people. We’re determined that every frontline worker should go to work knowing they’ll have the personal protective equipment they need to do their jobs, with the peace of mind that their protective equipment meets the most rigorous of safety standards.

To make this vision a reality we’ve teamed up with Maple Leaf laboratories at the University of British Columbia to provide Canadians with the very best in personal protective equipment. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are set to become the first ever high quality respirator, surgical and procedure mask production line on Canada's west coast.
With Layfield’s 40 years of experience and the research of Maple Leaf Laboratories into the very best fibres and materials, we’re set to produce the highest quality PPE on the market, right here in BC. For more information, see Layfield Medical Personal Protection Equipment. 

When working with hazardous waste materials containment quality and reliability is critical. Bag failure is not an option. Layfield produces autoclavable bags to ASTM control standards, ensuring that the product gets the job done right, every time. Layfield is an ISO 9001:2008 and PACsecure/HACCP certified company. Our quality control systems ensure your bags will not fail. Layfield's medical packaging products include: bags, films, and packaging products specifically designed for the medical supply and life sciences industries.

Our medical packaging products utilize proprietary film blends that meet the exacting standards of medical supply companies and regulatory boards. Our unique film blends give these products superior performance properties, including the ability to withstand the stresses of the autoclave sterilization process.


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