Bag Styles

What is a gusseted bag?

A gusseted bag, usually has folded sides and/or bottom that expands larger to fit more product volume. By adding gussets on the side and/or bottom you can increase the size of the bag. When the bag is open and being filled, you can see the folds on the side expand outwards. There are two main types of gusseted bags: Bottom-gusset and Side-gusset.

Bottom-gusset bag:


Beverage packaging showing stand up pouch filled with chocolate milk in a spout pouch for food packagingThe bottom gusset at the base of the package expands open when filled with product. The products are weighted down at the bottom allowing the package to stand up nicely. There are many different shapes, sizes and options you can customize to create the perfect package for your products. Our top three bottom gussets are shown below.



Types of Bottom-Gusset Styles:



showing round bottom stand up pouch doyen pouch for food packaging showing sealed bottom stand up pouch for food packaging showing flow bottom with corner seal stand up pouch for food packaging
For very light weight products  For medium weight products For heavier products over one pound


showing side gusset bag tubing for food packaging, industrial packaging or medical packagingSide-gusset bags are made the same way as flat bags except that the bottom corners of the bag are folded inwards making a crease along the side. The bottom of the bag is sealed or left unsealed in a tubing format. When filling the bag, you will notice the folded crease on the side opens up and expands allowing more contents to fill the bag. 





Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill and Seal


There are two types of back seals that can be formed with rollstock using Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill and Seal equipment. The back seal runs along the length of the bag and forms a "Lap Seal" or a "Fin Seal". When the inside edge of the film is placed over the outside edge and sealed together, a "Lap Seal" is formed. When both the inside edges are folded over and sealed together, a "Fin Seal" is formed. The type of back seal you choose depends on your product needs and film structures you select. 


Lap Seal

showing food packaging lap seal for flexible packaging bag stylesWith a lap seal, the interior side of the film overlaps the exterior side and is sealed closed together. The "overlapping" is what gives the "lap seal" its name. When the inside surface of the film seals to the opposite or outer surface of the film, a lap seal is created.



Fin Seal

showing food packaging fin seal for flexible packaging bag stylesWith a fin seal, the interior sides of the film are matched and sealed together to resemble a fin on a fish. When the inside surfaces of the web or substrate meet and seal against themselves, a fin seal is created. 

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