Showing a flat pouch salad packaging three-sided pouch for food packaging

Flat Pouch

What is a flat pouch (aka 2 or 3-sided seal)?

The flat pouch gets its name from being completely flat with no gussets. It may also be referred to as a two-sided or three-sided seal pouch depending on the number of finished seals. This format is highly popular for one-time use products such as condiments and sauces, however, you can add a reclosable zipper to make the pouch reusable. 


Flat-bottom bag applications

The flat pouch can be used for many food packaging and retail applications. Some of the most common and popular markets include:

  • Coffee and tea: fraction (frack) packs

  • Nuts and dried fruit: snack size

  • Rice and grains: sacks

  • Snack foods: individual servings

  • Baked goods: wraps, pita bread

  • Health and beauty: sample sizes

  • Pet food: pet food treats, sample sizes

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