Woman drinking coffee and showing coffee packaging in quad seal flat bottom bag format for food packaging

Quad Seal

What is a Quad Seal Pouch?

The Quad Seal Pouch gets its name from the four corners of the panels being sealed together. This format is a variation of the standard stand up pouch. The main difference is that it has five panels sealed together giving you more branding space. The bottom is pinch-sealed and folded allowing it to stand up. It is flexible so it can take up less room in a crowded cupboard space.

Why choose a quad-seal bag?

This highly desirable flat-bottom bag offers incredible shelf stability due to its sturdy, level bottom. Because the base is flat and secure the quad-seal is the ideal packaging solution for many consumer products such as cereal, rice, coffee, tea or pet food. Premium brands in the pet food, sports nutrition, grains and coffee market sectors are trending rapidly towards this packaging format.

You get five sides to display your brand and product information, maximizing marketing realestate.

Quad-seal bag applications

The quad-seal bag can be used for many food packaging and retail applications. Some of the most common and popular markets include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Pet food packaging
  • Animal feed
  • Seeds, nuts and dried fruits
  • Grains, rice and pasta
  • Flour, sugar and other baking supplies
  • Cereal and granola


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