Stand Up Pouch

What is a stand-up pouch?

Stand Up Pouches, sometimes referred to as SUPs, are a popular format for food packaging. The reason the bag stands up is because of the gusset at the bottom. When the bag is filled, the bottom flattens out, which allows it to stand straight up on a store shelf. Stand up pouches are a convenient, light-weight and economic packaging solution for many food, consumer and retail applications.

Why choose stand-up pouches?

Stand up pouches are a popular consumer format because:

  • it fits easily in crowded spaces because it’s flexible and not rigid
  • with reclosable options like the zipper, it can be reused multiple times
  • high visual impact on the store shelf due to the large visual front and back panels
  • most efficient and cost effective to produce as it requires the least amount of raw materials when compared to glass, metal or rigid plastic containers
  • it is environmentally friendly: takes up less space, costs less to transport, and uses less energy to produce

How brand owners can make their stand up pouches better?

Understanding the technical side of packaging can get very complicated, some packages are made from multiple barrier films that are laminated together. This protects the contents inside, prolongs the products' shelf life, and gives the bag or pouch the strength to stand up effectively on the store shelf. Stand up pouches can be landfill friendly, recyclable and one of the lowest cost packaging options available when compared to other packaging alternatives such as can, glass and rigid containers.


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