Showing spout pouch beverage packaging, pet food bag with handle cut out and candy packaging with hanger hole.

Die-cuts and Custom Shapes

Stand out on the retail shelf by creating a unique shaped pouch to match your brand and appeal to customers. You can completely change the look of the bag by creating a unique shape format. Layfield can accomodate the most creative ideas including: rounded shapes; curvy, hour-glass shapes; animal forms; or standard shapes such as a circle, triangle or rectangle.

Or you can make your bag more convenient by cutting out handle shapes, hanger holes or tear notches. We can further enhance the package by adding fitments and closures.

Typical applications:
  • Spout pouch for liquids and beverages
  • Handles for heavy products such as pet food and industrial applications
  • Snack food packaging in animal shapes
  • Medical packaging
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