Showing spouts pouches for juice, yogurt and chocolate milk; coffee packaging with degassing valves and kitty litter packaging with handle.

Spouts, valves and fitments


A pouch transforms into a drinking container or feeding pouch that is both portable, light-weight and convenient by simply adding a spout as an opening.  Further enhancements can be achieved including easy opening and reclosing, child safety, spill-proof, controlled pouring, and clean dispensing. Depending on your product's needs, Layfield can customize the configurations, diameters, and shapes.

Some spouts and fitments are designed for granular or powdered products, while others are ideal for liquids, gels and creams. Layfield offers a wide variety of pour spouts and caps in various colors, shapes, and functionality.

A pouch can be added to a flat-pouch, stand-up pouch, quad-seal pouch, and flat-bottom pouch.


One-way degassing valves are necessary for products that release CO2 gas, oxygen or contain active ingredients that release air while at the same time preventing outside oxygen from getting inside. The valve is typically inserted during the bag conversion process.

If your product requires venting but does not require the air to flow one way, there are other alternative options to release air from inside the bag including making microscopic perforation holes with laser technology.

Typical valve or venting applications:


Layfield provides a variety of unique fitments to suit many industries ranging from medical, retail and food products. Fitments can transform a bag into a functional package that can make carrying, storing and dispensing more convenient and reliable. The most popular types of fitments are feeding and drinking spouts and spout caps. For large industrial type packaging, a reinforced handle is used to provide additional structural support for carrying.

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