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🔎Looking for some help in choosing the right product packaging?

Packaging is often the first thing a consumer sees, and can make or break a sale. We're experts on everything from plastic sustainability to package branding and design. With new resources added every month, we are always on the forefront of what's happening in the industry.

Find what you need in one click with our expertise in plastic sustainability, package branding, and design! 

Expertise in one click

With our expertise in everything from plastic sustainability to package branding and design, you can find what you need in one click. 

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Join us in learning now about Bag Styles (choosing the right bag format), Printing Technology (selecting the right printer), and Film Structures (using the right film).


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Pet owners are looking for more sustainable options and higher quality products that will last longer. This has led to an increase in demand for super premium pet products.

Whether you want sustainability, high-end packaging or both, we can create a custom package based on your nitty-gritty details. This presentation along with our team of experts can help you on the best way to design the perfect premium pet food bag.

Click to download: How to Design the Perfect Premium Pet Food Bag


Industry-leading resources

Get expert advice on plastic sustainability, product packaging and design, and package optimization with printing technology, efficient materials, and innovative features!

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Are you concerned about the impact of plastics legislation (existing or expected) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on your business? We can help! 

Businesses, governments, and organizations, including us, are committed to taking steps to bring about the safe disposal of plastic waste by 2025. This includes reducing the amount of plastic packaging designated as problematic or unnecessary, increasing the percentage of plastic packaging that is reused, recycled, or composted, and increasing the recycled content across all plastic packaging. 

Click here to download: Flexible Packaging Sustainability White Paper

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Are you sure your packaging is being recycled? It might only be recycle-ready. 

Many recycling centers do not accept all materials, which can make it difficult for consumers and businesses to recycle their packaging waste.

Our new presentation dives into the details to help you make the best decision for your business. You'll learn about the benefits and challenges of each option, as well as some key tips for getting started.

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