Bag Styles Training Video

Layfield Bag Styles 

Flexible packaging has come a long way from a simple bag. Today, many packaging features include innovative enhancements that incorporate consumer trends to boost sales at the shelf level. In this video, you will learn the differences between a flat-bottom bag, stand-up pouch, quad seal bag, spout pouch, and 3-sided seal bag. See how these different formats can affect the way your package looks and functions.

Consumers are also demanding more convenient packaging features to keep products fresher longer. Discover the different resealable zippers options from press-to-close; hook and loop; inside zipper; and top slider.

You can improve the functionality of your package by utilizing other packaging features such as die-cuts (custom shapes), handles, tear tabs, rack holes, spouts, and perforations. Consumers love convenient packaging features - this can triggering brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

This video on bag styles is just the beginning. Check out our other videos to discover the advancements in film materials, graphics printing technology, film structures, and plastic sustainability so you can produce the best flexible package for your valuable product. Layfield has over 38+ years’ of plastic manufacturing experience and has been making packaging products for many national brands under strict quality-controlled processes. Join us and let’s create the perfect package together!

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