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Forming films are commonly used in the medical industry to pack medical devices. A cavity is created by melting a plastic sheet over a mold and allowing it to cool and form a shape.

These films are used on various medical devices and are considered excellent packaging in the industry.

Medical Forming Films

Meets regulatory Requirements

Medical sterilization films are critical in ensuring that medical devices are safe and effective in healthcare settings. These films are designed to protect medical devices from contamination during sterilization, which is crucial in preventing the spread of infections. To meet the strict regulatory requirements set forth by various governing bodies, the films undergo extensive testing to ensure their efficacy and safety. Layfield’s medical sterilization films must adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that each batch of film produced meets the same high standards. By completing these regulatory requirements, medical sterilization films can give healthcare professionals the confidence to use medical devices safely and effectively.

Excellent Machinability (Sealability)

Layfield’s medical sterilization films are designed to focus on excellent machinability, including sealability, to ensure that they can be used effectively in various types of sterilization equipment. These films are made from specialized materials engineered to be quickly processed through equipment such as heat sealers and sterilization machines. They are designed to provide a consistent seal that can withstand the rigors of sterilization processes while maintaining the sterility of the medical device inside. The films also have a uniform thickness and clarity, which helps ensure the seal is strong and uniform across the entire surface.

Used For Multiple Devices

Layfield’s medical sterilization films are designed to accommodate multiple devices. These films are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, making them versatile for small surgical instruments to sizeable medical equipment. Additionally, medical sterilization films are engineered to provide a secure and protective barrier, protecting the medical device from contamination during the sterilization process and ensuring that it remains sterile until it is ready for use. The ability of medical sterilization films to accommodate multiple devices allows healthcare professionals to streamline the sterilization process, saving time and resources while maintaining the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

Packaging Format

Medical devices take on multiple forms and shapes. However, from light tools to heavy apparatus’, all devices are in need of packaging that would protect and maintain performance efficiently. Flexible thermoforming films are the ideal choice for a vast range of medical devices and are specially manufactured in a way that provides superior barriers and ensures package integrity.

This film is fully customizable and can be modified to fit your product packaging requirements.

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Requires less inventory floor space
  • Customizable barrier options depending on consumer applications
  • Less film curling and post shrinkage for a consistent packaging process
  • Fast and even forming on your packaging line
  • Excellent transparency and clarity for better view of the device
  • For irradiation and sterilization

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