Avoiding Material Mismatch in Flexible Packaging

As we continue our blog series addressing eight common packaging mistakes, we hope to help you avoid a critical error in choosing flexible packaging for your brand.

Mistake Number Two: Material Mismatch

Selecting the right materials for your packaging can be beneficial. Packaging materials enhance visual appeal and serve essential functions such as preserving food, safeguarding products, and extending shelf life. This is far more complex than something simple like wrapping a birthday present; it’s about integrating various materials to meet specific needs.

The Diversity of Plastics

Plastics are often lumped into one category, but they are incredibly diverse, with different types within the plastic family, each offering unique properties.

Let’s explore a few:

• Polyethylene: Excellent for sealing materials together.
• Polypropylene: Provides superior moisture barrier protection.
• Polyimide (Nylon): Adds toughness and is ideal for formability applications.
• EVOH: Enhances shelf life by increasing the oxygen barrier.

When combined, these materials create ‘super properties,’ adding multiple functionalities to your packaging. Moreover, they have an extremely low carbon footprint, an important consideration for environmentally conscious brand owners.

Balancing Functionality and Appearance

While these materials have distinct properties crucial for the packaging’s functionality, brand owners often worry about how the final product will look. The nuances of performance and functionality can vary widely, making it challenging for experts to decipher which material suits a particular application.

Hands-On Evaluation

To better understand these materials, it’s beneficial to physically handle them and compare them against a physical property specification and comparison sheet. This hands-on approach helps one appreciate the subtle differences and make an informed decision.

Testing and Consultation

At Layfield, we utilize our state-of-the-art laboratory and advanced testing equipment to evaluate a wide range of materials, allowing us to thoroughly understand each material’s performance characteristics. This enables us to guide brand owners through the process of selecting the best materials to suit their needs.

Selecting the best materials for your packaging is crucial for functionality and visual appeal. To help you make the best choice, reach out to us via our Contact Us page or fill out a form to request samples tailored to your needs.

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