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As we continue our blog series on avoiding common packaging mistakes, let’s explore how incorporating convenience features can elevate your brand. Enhancing your packaging’s functionality improves the user experience and fosters customer loyalty. Prioritizing convenience in your packaging design can significantly impact your brand’s success and consumer satisfaction.

Mistake Number Seven: Convenience Quandaries

A key consideration in flexible packaging is the incorporation of convenience features. Elements such as spouts, re-closable zippers, scorelines, and innovative venting options can significantly boost your product’s appeal. These features are typically cost-effective and highly valued by consumers, enhancing user experience and adding substantial value to your brand. By making your packaging more user-friendly, you can differentiate your product in the market and build stronger customer loyalty.


Highlighting Key Features

Coffee bag packaging is an excellent example of the effective use of convenience features. It maintains product integrity with a one-way breathable valve which ensures freshness by letting air out but not in, while the pull tab with a press-to-close zipper makes it simple to reseal the bag and dispense the perfect amount of coffee. These features not only preserve the quality of the coffee but also enhance the overall user experience, adding significant value to a brand.

Re-closable Zippers

Re-closable zippers are one of the most popular convenience features, available in various formats such as single track, double track, or even up to five tracks for a more hermetic seal. One particularly noteworthy type is the hook-and-loop zipper. It offers an audible click, providing a luxurious feel and making it easier for people with less dexterity to open. This zipper type also helps conceal a product’s scent and provides an almost airtight seal, making it a consumer favorite.

Handles and Spouts

Convenience features like handles and spouts can also add significant value. For example, a concrete package with an attached hose spout allows consumers to quickly shake, pour, and set their fence post or pole, reducing mess and enhancing convenience. Such practical features are highly attractive to consumers and can boost sales significantly.

The Impact on Your Brand

These convenience features can significantly elevate the customer experience and add substantial value to your brand. Choosing the right features is a combination of art and science, and having tangible examples can be extremely helpful.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with some ideas for your packaging or send you samples to help you decide on the best convenience features for your brand.


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