Ava Shahrokhzadeh Employee Spotlight Layfield

Employee Spotlight — Ava Shahrokhzadeh, Account Manager – Technical Services

Ava Shahrokhzadeh

Account Manager – Technical Services | packaging expert, Richmond

Introducing Ava Shahrokhzadeh, a dynamic professional who seamlessly blends the realms of sales, account management, and technical services. With a strong foundation in polymer and chemical engineering, Ava possesses a profound understanding of raw materials, their properties, and the intricate extrusion process. Her role is pivotal in deciphering our customers’ needs and assisting fellow account managers in effectively communicating these requirements to our technical and product development teams, ensuring the delivery of top-quality products that precisely align with our customer’s expectations.

A recent addition to the Layfield Group family, Ava joined us in June 2022 as a recent graduate from UBC. What enticed her about this role was the opportunity to work in an office adjacent to the production plant, providing her with a valuable vantage point to expand her knowledge in blow molding production and gain fresh insights. Furthermore, Ava is excited about the rapidly growing flexible packaging industry, which promises many new opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

Ava envisions the future of the flexible packaging industry as firmly intertwined with sustainability. She believes in the industry’s commitment to innovative recycling, a pivotal step towards reducing plastic waste, minimizing environmental impact and shaping a more sustainable future. At Layfield, our motto is “We protect,” we remain unwavering in our dedication to this mantra by delivering high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.

One of Ava’s most cherished aspects of her job is the opportunity to collaborate with various teams at Layfield, particularly in product development and technical services. These collaborations allow her to think creatively, gain a more comprehensive perspective on customer requirements, and continually enhance her ability to understand and meet those requirements.

Beyond her work at Layfield, Ava is an avid traveler who revels in exploring new places and immersing herself in diverse cultures. During the summer, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking with friends, and hitting the gym on rainy days, demonstrating her enthusiasm for an active and balanced lifestyle.

For the latest updates and insights from Ava, be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and stay informed about the exciting developments at Layfield.


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