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Dependable Industrial Films

Layfield’s versatile range of industrial films, perfected through continuous research and development, promises premium product protection and tailored solutions for all applications.

Experience the Layfield difference with our tailored solutions. Our custom-made industrial films not only ensure unmatched protection and performance, but also drive operational growth. We’re committed to adding remarkable value to your business, empowering you to reach new heights of success.

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Industrial Film Products 

  • Pallet packaging and stretch hooder film
  • Industrial shrink film
  • Bags, shipping sack, bin liners, and covers


Layfield Stretch Hooder Pallet Packaging

Stretch Hooders and Pallet Covers 

Pallet Packaging Challenges: Seeking Product Integrity 

Plant managers face issues with pallet packaging such as improper sizing, movement during transport, and damage from moisture and corner breakage. These problems compromise product integrity, waste time and money, and create unwelcome operational disruptions.


Layfield’s Stretch Tech: Excellence in Pallet Packaging 

Discover Layfield’s Stretch Tech, a perfect blend of top-quality, competitively priced pallet packaging with exceptional memory, stretch, and snap-back capabilities. This product provides unparalleled elasticity and performance, ensuring smooth plant operations and maintained product quality. With our industrial expertise steering the way, experience a worry-free operation where protection and efficiency drive your business to new heights of success.

StretchTech Stretch Hood Packaging

Industrial Shrink Films: Enhancing Bond Strength and Product Protection

Companies often struggle to find effective methods to bundle, wrap, and protect their products. Traditional packaging can lack flexibility, aesthetic appeal, and provide inadequate protection against external elements. Maintaining bond strength during transport and storage can be challenging.

Layfield Boat Shrink Film

Enhanced Protection with Layfield Shrink Films

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  Pallet Packaging

Strength & Versatility: The Packaging Challenge

Finding robust and versatile packaging solutions that adapt to varying design needs and machine compatibilities is a significant challenge.

Layfield’s Custom Solutions: Where Strength Meets Versatility

Layfield offers high customization in pallets, bags, and covers, ensuring robust protection while catering to specific design needs and application requirements.

Layfield industrial Products:

  • Perforated Tear Off (PTO) Bags
  • Gusset Bags
  • Shipping Sacks
  • Sideweld Bags
  • Box Liners
  • Pallet Covers

Innovation: Redefining Possibilities with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses must embrace sustainable solutions to address pressing environmental challenges. Discover how our innovative PCR and PIR products not only meet your packaging needs but also contribute to waste reduction, resource conservation, and a greener future.

  • PCR (Post Consumer Recycled): Integrate food or non-food grade PE resins into your packaging or flexible films solution.
  • PIR (Post Industrial Recycled): Safe non-food PE resins incorporated for industrial films applications.
  • 100% recyclable Polyethlyene – Superior product protection combined with easy recycling. Check local recycling guidelines.

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Manufacturing Excellence: Power of North American Production

At Layfield, we harness the power of North American manufacturing to bring you unparalleled quality and efficiency. With our state-of-the-art facilities located right here in North America, we ensure shorter lead times, faster response, and reduced carbon footprint.


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