Mastering Bag Size for Optimal Product Presentation


As we continue our blog series addressing eight common packaging mistakes, we review the importance of selecting the right bag size for your product and we delve into critical areas to help you get your bag sizing just right, ensuring your product looks great and functions seamlessly on the shelf.

Mistake Number Six: Bag Size Blunders

One common error in choosing flexible packaging for your product is not selecting the correct bag size. While it may seem simple, this detail is often overlooked and is crucial to your package’s overall look and functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal

Just like buying clothes that fit perfectly, having the right bag size enhances your product’s aesthetic appeal. Imagine a tailored Italian suit versus an off-the-rack option; the former always stands out. Similarly, well-sized packaging is more likely to attract customers.
To achieve this, you must start with the design and transfer it to a die-line. The die-line outlines the bag’s physical dimensions and features. Although this might initially seem confusing, it’s essential to ensure your bag matches the desired specifications.

Cost Savings

Proper bag sizing can lead to significant cost savings. By collaborating with your converting supplier, you can optimize costs. For instance, adjusting the height of the bag can reduce material usage and save on production costs. If you align your bag design with your supplier’s existing die lines, you can save on setup costs for extrusion, lamination, and bag making. These savings can be substantial, so it’s wise to negotiate for the best price.

Efficient Packing Operations

Efficient packing operations are another critical factor. If the bag size needs to be corrected, it can slow down production, causing friction between marketing and operations. Getting the size right can streamline packing processes and even increase production speeds by over 20% in some cases. Consider the implications for case packing lines and box supply systems to optimize downstream operations and keep everyone happy, from your operations team to your retailers.

The Art and Science of Bag Sizing

Bag sizing is both an art and a science. One of the best ways to perfect it is to have a tangible bag in hand. At Layfield Group, we offer a variety of bags in different sizes and formats. Feel free to reach out to us using the link below. We can send you samples so you can determine the perfect size package for your product.

By paying attention to these details, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure your packaging stands out in the market.

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