Installation and Construction Services

Layfield is a skilled installer of all geosynthetics products from geomembranes to floating covers to wick drains.


    • A major installer of geosynthetics in North America
    • Capable of tackling projects of all sizes
    • Comprehensive Quality Systems
    • Cost-effective products and services
    • Multiple construction and service locations


    • Installation of field fabricated and prefabricated geomembranes
    • Floating cover installation and maintenance
    • Maintenance and inspection services
    • Specialty material such as AquaDam, Wick Drains, and Geotubes
    Installation and Construction Services Specifications

Installation of Geosynthetics

Layfield Geosynthetics is a specialized contractor providing construction services and crews across North America. From the smallest secondary containment systems to the largest floating covers, Layfield's installation crews are ready to tackle any installation project. With an industry-leading training program that exceeds industry requirements, our construction crews will install 42 million square feet of liners and covers in an average year.

Our service group concentrates on the installation of specialty products including: Geotube sludge dewatering tubes, AquaDam® coffer dams, AquaDam® flood control dams, spray-applied geomembranes, vertical wick drains, and maintenance services. Our installation crews are trained in quality control, safety, and project management so that every new Layfield geosynthetic installation is as reliable as the last.

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  • Design Services for Geosynthetics

    Layfield provides several design services to engineers and facility owners.

  • Leak Location

    The Electrical Leak Location method is a proven technique for finding defects in completed lining systems for repairs, maintenance, or as part of QA testing.

  • Maintenance: Containment Systems

    The long-term success of a containment is often attributable to the attention spent on maintenance.

  • Maintenance: Floating Covers

    Layfield offers complete inspection and maintenance services to ensure you get the most out of your reservoir floating cover and installation.

  • Vertical Wick Drains

    Layfield installs prefabricated vertical drains (wick drains) to help drain and consolidate saturated compressible soils.