Designing Stretch Hood Films: Key Considerations

Stretch hood films are a great way for securing and protecting goods during transportation and storage. As a leading manufacturer, Layfield offers a range of custom stretch hood films designed to meet diverse industry needs. Here are some critical factors to consider when designing stretch hood film:


The gauge, or thickness, of the film affects its strength and durability. Depending on the application, you might require a thicker gauge for heavier or more demanding loads. Layfield offers a range of gauges to ensure that the film provides the necessary protection and performance for your specific needs.

Holding Force

The holding force of the stretch hood film is a measure of its ability to keep the load stable and secure. A higher holding force ensures that the products remain tightly wrapped, reducing the risk of shifting or damage during transportation. Layfield’s films are designed to provide optimal holding force for various applications.


Stretchability is a key property of stretch hood film, allowing it to conform tightly to the load and accommodate irregular shapes. Layfield’s films are engineered to offer excellent stretch properties, ensuring a snug fit and reliable protection for your products.

Size Capabilities

One of the primary considerations in designing stretch hood film is its size capabilities. At Layfield, we can manufacture films in various sizes, catering to small, medium, and very large loads. This flexibility ensures that your products, regardless of their dimensions, are securely wrapped and protected.

Film Designed for Specific Applications

Different applications require specific film properties. For example, if you’re covering bricks, you need a film with high tear resistance to withstand the sharp edges and heavy weight. Layfield can design films tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, ensuring optimal performance and protection.

Consistency of Running on the SH Machine

Consistency in how the film runs on the stretch hood machine is critical to maintaining efficiency and reducing downtime. Layfield’s films are designed to run smoothly on SH machines, with features that prevent blocking in the gussets, ensuring a hassle-free packaging process.

Opacity of the Film

The opacity of the film is another important factor. Depending on the application, you might need a film that is fully transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque. Transparent films are ideal for easy product identification and barcode scanning, while opaque films can provide privacy and protection from light exposure.


Stretch hood films can be produced in a variety of colors to meet specific branding requirements or to identify different products easily. Custom colors can enhance brand visibility and streamline inventory management by allowing quick identification of products based on color coding.

UV Protection

For products stored outdoors or exposed to sunlight, UV protection is crucial. Layfield’s stretch hood films can be designed with UV inhibitors to prevent degradation and extend the life of the packaging. This ensures that your products remain secure and undamaged, even in harsh sunlight conditions.

Print/No Print

On some occasions, custom printing on stretch hood films is a way to provide important information directly on the packaging. Whether you need your logo, handling instructions, or product details printed on the film, Layfield can accommodate your needs. Alternatively, non-printed films are also available for a clean and simple look.

Horizontal Stretch Hood (SH)

Layfield now offers horizontal stretch hood films, a new machine type on the market for certain applications. This innovative approach allows for wrapping loads horizontally, providing an alternative solution for specific packaging needs and enhancing the versatility of our product offerings.

Layfield’s Stretch Tech: Excellence in Pallet Packaging

Discover Layfield’s Stretch Tech, a perfect blend of top-quality, competitively priced pallet packaging with exceptional memory, stretch, and snap-back capabilities. This product provides unparalleled elasticity and performance, ensuring smooth plant operations and maintained product quality. With our industrial expertise steering the way, experience a worry-free operation where protection and efficiency drive your business to new heights of success.

In conclusion, designing stretch hood film involves considering various factors to ensure that it meets the specific needs of different applications. At Layfield, we are committed to providing high-quality, customizable stretch hood films that offer superior protection and performance for your products. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your packaging needs.



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