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As we continue our blog series addressing eight common packaging mistakes, we hope to help guide you through the different sustainable packaging options available and help you make an informed decision.

Mistake Number Three: Sustainability

Transitioning to sustainable packaging is a complex but essential step for modern brand owners. As we strive towards a more circular economy, making informed decisions about the materials we use is crucial. Here’s an in-depth look at today’s innovative and practical solutions designed to help brand owners seamlessly shift.

Embracing the Circular Economy with Flexible Plastic

Flexible plastic, known for its remarkably low carbon footprint, has historically faced challenges in recyclability. However, significant strides have been made to address these end-of-life issues in recent years. The advancements in recycling options and technology within the flexible packaging industry are enhancing the recyclability of these products, making sustainable choices more accessible than ever.

Layfield’s Commitment to Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At Layfield, we are at the forefront of these innovations, offering commercially ready sustainability options unavailable even a year ago. Our solutions include film structures crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material and our prequalified How2Recycle® packaging.

PCR packaging utilizes once-used consumer materials such as water bottles and milk jugs and repurposes them into new packaging, significantly reducing waste.

We also offer products that have achieved remarkable advancements in recyclability. For instance, our How2Recycle®-certified bags are suitable for in-store drop-off applications, providing consumers with convenient recycling options. While we have long offered a fully recyclable flexible product line, our new higher-performance product line is cost-effective and superior to many conventional materials. This breakthrough represents a significant advancement for both Layfield and the packaging industry.

Leading the Industry with Sustainable Innovations

In alignment with our commitment to the circular economy, Layfield is extending this innovative solution beyond our products. We are also offering our competitors access to this new, superior material. If you are working with another supplier, they, too, can benefit from these advancements. By sharing these innovations, we aim to foster a collective movement towards sustainability within the industry.

Stay Informed and Engaged

We invite you to stay tuned for an upcoming release of more information on this latest breakthrough. We will provide detailed insights into how this new material is gaining significant market acceptance and how it can benefit your brand.

Check out our Sustainability page to learn more or go to our Contact Us page to request a packaging sample. We can send you various materials and substrates for your evaluation. We can tailor these samples to align with your industry’s needs by providing specific information. We aim to help you comprehend the feel of these different materials, enabling you to make an informed and suitable choice.

Let’s make the right choice for our planet and your brand’s future.

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